April 24, 2014

Updated mythnetflix1080.lircrc -- no longer need to know where the exit button is to exit Netflix and return to Mythfrontend

April 25, 2014

implemented better WM manager hack. can leave on for everybody
fixed an issue if firefox opened more than one pid #
added a small amount of labeling to help with finding some keys in lirc file

April 25, 2014


fixed a really bad screw up of mythnetflix-start-after-firefox.sh
better commenting in mythnetflix1080.lircrc
1 -- now zooms-in firefox(netflix video chooser screen)
7 -- now zooms-out firefox(netflix video chooser screen)

April 26, 2014


Updated mythnetflix1080.lircrc -- made it easier for people to customize exit Firefox/Netflix button

I also created an easy to use installer script and updater script too. No more having to do a bunch of Firefox customizations to use Mythnetflix, the installer does it all for you.

April 26, 2014


* -- kills silverlight plugin if mis-behaving

april 30, 2014


firefox now self contained profile
firefox runs in full screen
   -- fullscreen button in video player now depreciated

no longer need to set panel to autohide

LIRC --lots of changes
moved commands to shell scripts
mouse positions and move amounts now variables
during install attempts to find out resolution and figure out where buttons are placed -- see write-mouse-position

wrote button mapper scripts to allow setting button positions manually -- see button-mapper

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