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Apr 16, 2014

In a previous post I went through how the internet is insecure and a little bit of how encryption helps that. We will now go through the first step of getting an encryption solution running.

Gpg4win is an encryption suite fully compatible with OpenPGP, which supports encrypting files and email. It works well, is free (most of it is licensed under the GPL), and is very secure. I plan on doing a series of how-to's on using gpg, including generating keys, using with email, and will also show how to install and use (G)PGP on an Android device.

If you are looking for a commercial product Symantec provides fully supported OpenPGP solutions.


First we will need to download the most recent version, you can find that here. As of writing this it is the green button which says "Gpg4win 2.2.21"


Begin by starting the installer as you would install any other program.

The Install process

There is a lot of clicking during the install of Gpg4win so I just did it with a bunch of screen shots



Click "Yes"



Choose your desired language and then click "OK"



Click "Next"



This is the License Agreement read it here if you want. Click "Next"



These are the programs you are going to install from the Gpg4win package. For me the defaults are fine, if the defaults aren't the same make sure you select at least the packages in the image. Click "Next"



Install Location. The default is fine. Click "Next"



Make sure "Desktop" is checked, we will use that when we begin to use Gpg4win. Click "Next"



On this page the default is fine. Click "Next"



Wait until it says "Completed" then. Click "Next"

Almost there...



Un-check "Show the README file" (unless you really want to read it). Click "Finish"

Now that we have installed Gpg4win and the tools to use it we will need to make some keys which I will go through on another post. I will update this page when I have finished that how-to.





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Posted by Wzrd1 on
I set up GPG4win ages ago for my wife to use when we e-mailed back and forth to each other.
Compliance was a bit of an issue. She hated signing into her keychain, as I had set it up more secure than less.

Well, her Vista64 machine was always problematic, from day one, sluggish, sputtering, annoying in odd slowdowns, etc. You know, early 64 bit for Microsoft.
Well, she finally had enough and asked me to do whatever I had to to get the bloody thing to work decently.
So, I upgraded her. I was in the process of upgrading XP boxes around the house, so I added her machine into the list.
Now, all are running Linux.
GPG is running, enigmail in Thunderbird working flawlessly.
Added bonus, she can watch MythTV on her box natively, as well as on my production MythTV FE in several rooms. :)

I did lower the security slightly, so that she didn't have to enter her PW for her key. But, as I'm only encrypting mail to bust some old buddies stones, it's not a big deal.
Posted by Greg on
This all started because I was helping a law office with some stuff. Was really concerned about the lack of comp security they were practicing. I recently got a laptop with Win 8.1 on it and Gpg4win + Thunderbird + Enigmail has worked great on that system. I also have AGP + K9 mail running on my android phone as a proof of concept, although it is very usable.
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