WOW, I Went For a Run

Aug 05, 2013

Ever since I broke my leg walking has been kind of a painful experience most of the time. A few weeks ago, I went through a few days with a new accute pain in my foot and ankle (It felt at first like somebody was stabbing me in the foot). After the pain went away I was on a walk and had done a mile and noticed, that for the first time since the injury, I walked a mile without any real pain. After getting home I noticed a lot of muscle soreness in my right leg. I decided that this was a good thing, something may have been stuck and was screwing up my walking mechanics.

Today I decided it was time to try a short run (only like 5 blocks) at the end of my workout. NO PAIN! The rest of the day it has felt fine too.

Feeling very happy and relieved. I didn't think it was ever going to be well again.


Greg Schade

Brilliant and Irrevernt

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